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    The Coolest Interior Design Couples Online

    What’s better than one incredibly stylish person? Well, two. Or so the blogging couples below would have us believe. Each of these incredibly cool duos has created a harmonious home of their own and shows it off via the medium of the internet. Or, in the case of one of these couples, goes around changing up other people’s houses for them!

    With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, these three sites all show that working on your home with your partner can be one of the most creative and rewarding projects there is. Don’t believe us? Take a look below!


    New Darlings

    The Story: Heading out from New York to Phoenix to start their married life, the couple behind this hit blog are Robert and Christina, whose almost ridiculously cute existence – whether home, fashion, or food – is chronicled in photography that’s as gorgeous and honest as they are.

    The look: Lived-in, boho American styling meets mid-century. So picture a few white Eames-style chairs scattered around a rough wooden dining table or a beaten-up looking leather sofa sitting under punchy wall art, all finished with a scattering of geometric accessories. Robert and Christina have conjured up a home that’s as cosy to look at as it is to read about, full of personality but never out of the reaches of its readers, either. Nothing’s too perfect or over-styled – just the way we like it.

    Get the look: If you love the way New Darlings have styled (and restyled) their home then the good news is, it’s pretty easy to recreate! The key points are to focus on texture, rather than colour, and restrict your palette to browns, whites and the odd touch of black and metallic – so warm woods, leather and rattan highlighted by pops of white furniture and metallic lighting.



    Photo: New Darlings

    Photo: New Darlings


    Cup of Couple

    The story: Mike Madrid & Gabriel Garcia are one of those couples whose life just leaves you swooning. Travelling between LA, Barcelona, New York, Phuket and the like (it would be quicker to probably list the places they haven’t gone), the pair’s high-fashion, high-fun antics are like eye candy due to the sheer number of amazing hotels and apartments they stay in, not to mention their own gorgeous pad which they share updates from.

    The look: While mostly clean, crisp and minimal, the pair’s roving camera finds beauty wherever they travel. From vintage markets to upmarket hotels in Barcelona, their look is as eclectic as you’d expect from two such well-seasoned travellers, taking in ideas from around the world with a hint of ethnic textures and flea-market finds.

    Get the look: Be eclectic and opt for a few well-chosen pieces that grab you, rather than thinking of practicality. If there’s one lesson we’ve learnt from this blog, it’s that being a little loose and carefree with our influences often leads to more interesting homes (and you can worry about how it all fits together later). Their home and fashion looks often feature a big statement piece against some more affordable items – try it yourself with a busy rug, some patterned cushions or a few colourful chairs.

    cup of couple

    Photo: Cup of Couple

    cup of couple 2

    Photo: Cup of Couple

    cup of couple 3

    Photo: Cup of Couple


    Jersey Ice Cream Co

    The story: The brilliantly-named Tara Mangini and Percy Bright hail, of course, from New Jersey and started up their blog and interior design business six years ago. On a two-person mission to make the world a more beautiful place, their speciality is upgrading existing properties. Check out some of their makeovers – seriously, these guys can make even the most humble rented apartment look like something out ripped from the pages of a glossy magazine.

    The look: Rustic, rustic, rustic. With a touch of industrial. And a dash of distressed. These interior design influencers have worked across a huge range of properties but are known for their single-minded vision, which has seen customers flock to them looking for whitewashed walls, bedrooms full of natural textures and clean takes on vintage kitchen design.

    Get the look: Factory-style furniture is the foundation of Jersey Ice Cream Co’s aesthetic – failing that, distressed or exposed walls make a good background. A set of industrial lamps, such as dropped pendants or hanging wall lamps, makes a great counterpoint and ensure things stay on the luxurious side. Finally, the duo have a real eye for mixing copper with pastels and matte neutral colours, a trick that on paper shouldn’t work but in reality completely does. Think of a shelf full of pastel accessories with a copper lamp.


    Photo: Jersey Ice Cream Co


    Photo: Jersey Ice Cream Co



    Photo: Jersey Ice Cream Co


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