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    True Achromatics for your Home

    When something lacks colour or hue, it’s considered achromatic. In a literal sense, it means “without colour” although, in an interior design sense, it’s limiting a room’s colour palette to black, greys, and browns. These achromatic earth tones combine to create a crisp, calming feel. Tone things down for a refined change from the bold accent walls and vibrant pastels.

    However, don’t let the limited palette fool you. There’s plenty to play with. In fact, it’s almost impossible to go wrong with this simple style. Perhaps the best benefit is that it allows you to introduce contrast and boldness without the noise of louder, more colourful styles.

    An easy way to dip your toes into this sleek colour scheme is through chairs. A simple change of furniture will make a huge impact on the look of your room.

    Achromatic Accents

    Bailey Accent Chair

    If there was a chair that signified the classy achromatic style, it’s this one. This contemporary chair is upholstered in black faux leather, which gives it a modern chic aesthetic.

    Kelby Lounge Chair

    Upholstered In velvet, the chair showcases high-end appeal. The chic chair has a solid back suiting modern and classic mid-century interiors alike. Note the gold finished legs; a classy accent to the achromatic colour scheme.

    If a change of furniture isn’t an option, don’t fret, the look can be introduced through an even simpler method: accessories.

    Go Oversized

    Extra large velvet cushion

    If a velvet chair is too much, or you just can’t get enough of this soft luxurious material, consider this floor cushion. Throw this soft cushion onto your chair or sofa for an achromatic accent.

    Cloud Modern Wall Clock

    Achromatic style spreads to the wall with this modern silver wall clock. Its beauty is in its simplicity, the muted tones of the silver hands and frame flow with the white clock face.


    To set an achromatic ambience in your room, the lighting fixture has to match.

    Vega Oversized Light

    With its modern design and solid black colouring, the Vega oversized light is the perfect complement to an achromatic interior. The large domed shape will accentuate the features and shapes in your home with a flow of even light.

    You can’t go wrong with an achromatic colour scheme. Its limited palette enhances your ability to be creative. By mixing textures, shapes, and sizes you can create a beautiful interior that’s quietly confident and unmistakably charming.

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