How to Create a Tech-Free Space

    In our always-on, 24/7 social media culture, it’s easy to feel like we’re flooded with too many screens and a surplus of tech. So why not take a leaf out of Scandi living, where ‘tech-free’ home zones have seriously taken off?


    Create a reading nook

    Reading nooks have taken off in the past few years as a place dedicated to the old-school art of relaxation. They can be any corner of a house where you can feel comfy and stress-free, but you’ll need the right furniture. Try a colourful armchair (the deeper the better) plus an angled floor lamp for reading light then pile on the cosiness with cushions and throws.

    Winged Accent Duchess Armchair designed in-house at Cult Furniture


    Create a sleep sanctuary

    In other words, make your bed as luxe as possible. Cool, calm colours like whites, greys and taupe are ideal for lulling you into a sense of sleep, so lavish attention on your sleep space with a bed in natural wood, a chunky wool throw and cushions galore in pale tones. A soft wool rug will get your feet warmed up and pendants on dimmer switches ensure your eyes get the right low level of light they need before snoozing.


    By your bedside

    Hands up, how many of us store our phones right next to our beds? It’s been claimed that looking at a glaring screen can be as bad for sleep as downing a cup of coffee, so invest in a bedside table with a drawer and turn off all (we mean all) alerts.




    Make a designated workspace

    Finally, whether you work from home or just answer the occasional email having a dedicated space for it helps. Consider a micro workspace area with a home office desk,  stool, hidden storage plus inspiring wall art. You could even use a storage unit or low floating shelf and hide your laptop away when done.


    Phoenix Home Office Desk designed in House at Cult Furniture

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