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Not your typical ghost: the Ghost Chair

And you thought the ghosts were gone? Not this one! The iconic, classy Ghost chair designed by Philippe Starck is one you don’t have to be scared of. The iconic Ghost Chairs were designed by Philippe Starck in 2002. Made of modern materials, Starck reinvented classic designs of the 18th Century. So.. who is Philippe Starck? A bit more on the diverse designer, his designs and of course the Ghost Chairs, below!

Philippe Starck

First things first, he’s still alive and he’s hilarious. According to Wikipedia Philippe Starck is 65 years old, but looking at the amount of stuff he has designed, he could (or should?!) have been way older. Starck’s methods of working are.. quite different. He has a very small team, about 20 to 30 people: some of them were selected only based on his intuition, without having a background in design, but other qualities that stood out to him. He visits the office only a few days per month (“those are the worst days”) as he says he needs seclusion to focus on work. So he secludes himself in ‘cabins in the middle of nowhere’ (with family? I don’t know) for quite some time. His character and views are different to say the least, sometimes maybe even a bit controversial. But he likes to design things, keeping the end user in mind mostly. Philippe Starck designed a wide range of things; from toothbrushes, toilet seats, bikes, glasses, buildings.. to a yacht commissioned by Steve Jobs (who had sadly passed away before he could use it).

On Philippe Starck’s family/father: “My father was an aeronautical engineer. For me it was a duty to invent”. Starck did state however, that one should try to surpass their parents, and that he sort of failed to do so and became less than his father. His father who worked on things that were in the sky, and that Starck chose the easy way and designed things on earth. Other things Starck has said which could spark a discussion, is that his job is.. well, useless. That there (often) is no priority to design and that he wouldn’t even call some of his designs ‘design’. Today we will be sharing one of his iconic designs though, recognised world-wide; the Ghost Chair. Philippe Starck stands out, and so do these Ghost chairs; even though they are see-through!

Also: see our entire collection of Ghost chairs, right here. Go ahead, don’t be scared! 🙂


bikini passport


Beautiful, bright and romantic dining area in the home of blogger ‘Bikinis and Passports’ with 6 Ghost chairs, also known as the Louis armchair. Combined with a round, white table. Despite the six chairs, the dining area does not come off crowded, but very sophisticated. [Photos by Bikinis and Passports]


fulham london mdsx contractors via home adore


Closer to home, definitely no bikinis needed: this home in Fulham. The Ghost chair times eight, combined with a wooden, rectangular table. Very sleek and, in a way, the interior has a masculine feel to it. It doesn’t really matter what your interior style is, the Ghost chairs easily blend in. [Photos by MDSX Contractors via Home Adore]

Sköna hem nr 2, 2014.


Industrial, monochrome, Scandinavian design? Welcome home! The Ghost chairs almost appear to be made of glass! The chairs also suit the metal table perfectly.  [Via Sköna Hem nr 2, 2014.]



Lastly, you don’t need to use them as dining chairs of course. Use them in your room on the side, use them as patio furniture: it’s completely up to you.Versatile and practical design is what we love and what Philippe Starck has executed here perfectly. Enjoy it! [Photo via homevialaura]

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