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Need for Designer Chairs; Part 1

All lovers of iconic designer furniture and designer chairs, listen up! Have you got a dining area that is hungry for change? Here is a little round up of some of our favourite designer chairs to help you out! See different styles, different combinations of chairs (you can refer to our blogpost on how to mix and match designer chairs here) and get an idea of some of the stylish options out there. Since it’s winter, we’ll try to list homes with a cozy touch, but not only that.. Designer furniture, and designer chairs in particular, can cost an arm and a leg (and you want to keep those, to enjoy sitting on said designer chair in first place!) so keeping that in mind, we’ll be sharing homes with styles that are easy to achieve.
Here’s a short list of the designer chairs mentioned:
  1. Eames DSW, DAW and Eames Eiffel chairs
  2. S chair by Verner Panton
  3. Tolix Chair by Xavier Pauchard
  4. The Wishbone Chair by Hans J. Wegner
  5. The Cherner Chair
Eames DSW chairs
Eames Eiffel chairs
Eames DAW chairs
First up: when talking about designer chairs, Eames chairs by Charles and Ray Eames can’t be left out (and we’ll even put them first!). There are quite a few different designs you can find, but for today (with our focus being designer chairs for your dining area) we’re sticking with the DSW with wooden legs, Eiffel and DAW version. Photo credits: Anna Williams, Frufly and Mikkel Adsbøl.
Next up on the designer chair list: the S Chair by Verner Panton, beautifully used here in the home of Berit Ludecke of Snug Studio. Photo credit: ‘Wohnideen aus dem wahren Leben’ interior book.
And what about Tolix chairs? The chairs designed by Xavier Pauchard are an all time classic too, and in the picture above via VT wonen, the designer chairs are combined with great antique wooden chairs.
Another classic is the Wishbone chair by Hans Jørgensen Wegner. The area is decorated in monochrome tones, but add the Wishbone chair, and it’s anything but dull! Via Fantastic Frank
 cherner chair cult furniture
The only wintery thing about this image, is that the room is as white as snow. In this home in Cape Town, you find the ever so perfect Cherner Chairs by Norman Cherner. Photo via Vartnya Hem.
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