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Eames Chair Uncomfortable?

When I showed the Eames chairs by Charles Eames to one of my friends, her first response was something along the lines of: ‘I love it, but isn’t it uncomfortable?’ And I gotta admit, it was one of my first thoughts too. The Eames chair: beautifully showcased in many magazines and interior design blogs, but could a plastic or fiberglass chair really be comfortable as well as good looking?


Eames Eiffel chairs in white, image via Vipp.

The answer luckily and surprisingly is yes! The Eames chairs by Charles and Ray Eames are beautiful, famous and most certainly comfortable to sit on. The seat easily suits any person, and the shape of the chair supports your back perfectly, so you can sit on it for hours. You could go to a store and try the chairs out in person (you can visit our showroom in London!) But if you are short on time and/or can’t visit, don’t despair! : ) Here are a few things you can keep in mind to get the most out of your Eames chairs, before purchasing:

  1. Height

  2. Different Models

  3. Seat pads

1. Height

Make sure the height of the Eames chairs will suit your table; the chairs can be comfortable but it doesn’t really matter if you can’t fit your legs under the table! So make sure to have some measurements on hand to get the Eames chairs that will suit you (and your table or desk).

designfiles eames chairs

White Eames chairs via thedesignfiles

2. Model

You may look at the Eames DSW chair and think that it would be extra comfortable with arm rests. Then you can opt for the Eames DAW chair which has armrests, but still has the beautiful look and feel of the Eames DSW chair. A great example, via the design files, is the image above with amazing white Eames DAW chairs. So sleek!

3. Seat Pads

You may have seen this before but you can always add seat pads or blankets (or faux sheepskins!) to your Eames chair to give it that extra oomph. The Eames chairs – all models – are best known for their quality, impeccable design without compromising on comfort so a seat pad or blanket is not a requirement at all. But they can switch up the look of your chairs instantly, and add a bit of extra comfort.

Know a friend who may need a little reminder that design doesn’t have to be uncomfortable? Share this article with them, and/or take them to our showroom! : )


White Eames chairs in an apartement in Scandinavia – via Fantastic Frank


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