Pinterest Brought to Life: ‘The Intern’ Set Design

You may have heard of the newest movie of Nancy Meyers the Intern. Everyone is talking about it, and we’d like to say something too.

The Intern is the newest movie of Nancy Meyers: a drama comedy about a successful business woman and mother. A lot of people have spoken about the movie and it’s unusual story. But what we’d like to focus on today is the amount of detail Meyers and her team put into the set design of the Intern. It’s as if you’re taking pretty interiors from Pinterest and bring it to life.

Even Meyers’ team thought of this the same way: Meyers actually used Pinterest to curate boards for every character of the movie, to visually outline what they like and how they should live. The way everything is executed: it is a pure pleasure to look at, we’d love to work here ourselves! Hard to believe it’s just a set!

Let’s wander around, shall we?

The Intern Set Design

I don’t know about you, but I can’t decide where to start first! The space has everything: black rimmed windows, a bike on display, enamel lampshades, concrete floors and glass doors. We are a big fan of the Ghost chairs: it gives the room such a classy feel. A nice contrast with all the industrial items going on. If you’re still not convinced about the ‘eye for detail’ bit: they even printed cotton bags with the company logo on it (from the movie). Eye for detail on another level!

the intern office hans wegner

This is one of our favourite shots of the entire set: we love the wooden table and the Wishbone chairs by Hans Wegner! It adds a nice, warm touch to the monochrome Industrial office space. It gives off a homey feel instantly!

The intern office

One of the things that never go out of style are striped rugs! We’re not surprised to find a striped rug here, talk about homey feelings! Also, check that ceiling! They surely picked the ideal setting for the set, we’d love to work here!

But there is more beyond the office and The Intern; Jules (Anne Hathaway) also goes home at the end of the day of course. The amount of inspiration you can find, you can’t look away! Well at least we know we can’t! Enter the kitchen first:

The Intern kitchen The Intern kitchen2

One word: STUNNING!

And by now you probably understand what we meant with Pinterest in real life: you probably recognise some things here and there. Open shelving with the most beautiful ceramic bowls and plates (wouldn’t be surprised if they are hand thrown pieces!) Toledo industrial stools, another striped rug (always a good idea) metro tiles.. this is the kitchen of your dreams. Gotta love that grey/blueish colour too, so serene!

the intern kids room

Woah! A fun room for a little girl (Jules’ daughter). It has all kinds of Scandinavian touches, even Danish Maileg bunnies. We love the floating kite by Haptic Lab dangling in the corner of the room and the big paper pompoms.

The Intern bedroom

Back to the grown-ups: Meyers and her team are up to date with the latest trends. A beautiful boucherouite rug from Morocco combined with modern touches and a similar colour scheme throughout the entire home. Pops of red and great lighting (good lighting is the answer to setting the right mood in any room!)

the intern livingroom The Intern Hathaway dining room

To finish it off, two snaps of the dining room/living room. There had to be an Eames chair in here somewhere! Overall we think Nancy Meyers and her entire team did a great job on styling the set. It feels like a space where a female boss lives: elegant, stylish and sophisticated.


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