Exclusive Interview with Interior Designer Jo Hamilton


The bright and charismatic entrepreneur Jo Hamilton has been running her design consultancy for over 16 years. She’s one of Britain’s most sought-after interior designers who knows her ways with colour and space. Not only does she focus on residential and commercial properties and projects, she also supports charities and gives great classes that are accessible to all. Jo believes anyone can create designs that work! More info on her masterclasses can be found here.

We asked Jo some questions on upcoming trends, exclusively for our Cult Furniture readers! Take note and enjoy 🙂

What do you think will be big next year?

We’re seeing a rise in mixing metals and I’m a huge fan.  Traditionally, people have tended to stick to using just one metallic finish in a scheme, fearing that mixing metals will jar and look wrong.  The opposite is true, in-fact. Mixing soft, warm toned metals such as copper, pale gold and rose gold creates a stunning, eclectic look that really works.  Metallic finishes are on the up – we’ll see them everywhere next year!

What are clients asking you for the most? 

Hmm, it’s hard to pick just one thing. People are pretty design savvy these days and have a clear idea of what they like and don’t like. Whatever the personal style almost everyone asks for ‘a home’ – somewhere that will look really elegant but will be comfortable and practical at the same time.

What is the most popular room in the house for people to ask to be changed?

There’s definitely a hit list in terms of priority rooms. People tend to want to work on the spaces they spend the most time in and the rooms they entertain in. The kitchen is right up there, closely followed by the living room. The master bedroom is usually high on the priority list too – after all, we spend a third of our lives in bed!

What colours are big right now?

Marine blues and golds are making a big splash at the moment – we can’t seem to get enough of them!

Do you see big differences between your jobs in London to the country?

Yes, there’s a big difference. Country home owners often want to run with the style of the house, so we see a lot of soft greys, cable-knit cushions and French style furniture. In London, clients are often after something that’s different from everything else, something a little more cutting edge – it sounds stereotypical but it’s true.

Thank you, Jo, for sharing some of your expertise and insights with us. We’re excited to follow all your projects to come. Find out more about Jo and her work on her website.

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