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Have a different tomorrow: The Moda collection

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Drawing its inspiration from the curved silhouettes and understated textures of mid-century design, our Moda chair collection sums up everything we do at Cult Furniture; contemporary design that’s affordable and eye-catching and furniture made from high-quality materials designed to keep up with your life.

The fact that our Moda chairs take their inspiration from over 60 years of design means they’re totally timeless; it means that we can play around with colours and shapes and bring you dazzling new versions of a Cult Furniture favourite.

Exclusive to our in-house brand Cult Design, our Moda collection come in three complementary colour families. There’s Pop Hot, featuring head-turning bold colours like fresh greens, searing reds, pinks and mauves; Pastel Soft, featuring subtle and fresh tones; and finally, Rich Dark, boasting palate-cleansing white, timeless teal and neutrals like charcoal and grey.
Knowing that every home and room is different, we’ve offered up several mix and match options across the range. Firstly, you’ll find two types of seat; a classic, bucket-style rounded seat and a slightly higher-backed design. You’ll be able to further customise many Moda designs by choosing from several leg types; our chic CD1 stainless steel legs, simple, pyramid-style CD2 wooden legs topped with metal, and finally the iconic, Eiffel Tower-inspired stainless steel and dark oak CD3 legs that, design lover or not, you’ll instantly fall for.

Our Moda collection is based around the philosophy of having a different tomorrow. This is furniture that embraces short and long-term solutions; contemporary enough to lift a space, but classic enough that you won’t get it wrong.

We believe that we live in a time of innovation and ideas; Cult Furniture aims to create designs that, like Moda, are not only on-trend but that keep the future in mind too. Designs worth investing in, to redefine our lifestyle today and in the future.
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