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Make your space look bigger with metallics

With living spaces seeming smaller than they’ve ever been, trying to make rooms feel larger is a dilemma everyone faces! And we’re not here to tell you the usual methods (floating storage, ottomans, painting your walls white…) but a much cooler and more decorative way to open up your rooms: with metallics.

It makes sense on one level as metallic pieces – whether chrome, copper or gold – literally reflect the light, acting in the same manner as that old space-making trick of using mirrors. On the other hand, adding a few metallics to your room rings true to the concept that adding big statement pieces to your room can actually make it look bigger than crowded (as we’ll reveal).

So go on: add a veritable periodic table of metallics to your home with our gold-standard tips and enjoy a surprisingly more spacious, not to mention stylish, space.

metallic cage lamps

A metallic hanging lamp gives an airy feel to any space

Strike gold

The richest of all the metallic tones, gold has had its reputation a little tarnished recently by its association with all things bling. Not ideal if you’re a fan of cool, Scandi-inspired minimalism!

If you’ve turned your back on it recently, it’s worth taking a trip back down the goldmine. Our eyes are always drawn to metallic items and unashamedly bold and shiny takes on this finish such as a single gold-tone lamp, cushion or wall clock will magnetise eyes upwards or into an unused corner of your room, creating the effect of larger dimensions where once there was nothing much to look at.

elegance table lamp

Bold and Shiny Elegance Table Lamp in gold

karlsson gold

Create a larger dimension effect in your walls with a Karlsson Gold Face wall clock

Gold light fittings also galvanise a space; a touch of gold in the form of a lamp or pendant echoes the colour of light itself and can make a lamp feel warmer. Try it yourself with our gold cage lamps and ceiling roses.

Copper load of these!

It’s partially due to the ubiquity of gold and silver that copper has won our hearts over the past few years. But this trend isn’t any flash in the (copper) pan: the orangey-bronze tone has firmly established as a modern classic.

Many people know that copper adds warmth to a room, working in much the same way as gold above. However the colour’s saturation across the interiors world has meant it’s appearing on a wide range of gleaming accessories, with everything from telephones to salt and pepper grinders! These little touches, while not necessarily making a room feel bigger, can lend a look-twice feel to your space.


Add a subtle copper accent with this telephone


Bring the metallic trend into your kitchen with copper this Salt & Pepper Grinder

It’s with the bigger pieces like dining chairs and stools that copper can really create the illusion of more room. The colour stands out beautifully against the usual whites and woods you’d find in a kitchen space, ‘popping’ and creating the effect of depth.


Copper stands beautifully against white


A copper utensil rack also makes a lovely new focal area for your walls – creating ‘zones’ like this can make a space feel defined and a bit more expansive than just one monolithic single-used area.


Make a lovely focal area for your walls with this Kitchen Rack in copper

Go chrome or go home

Chances are you already have a dab of chrome in your home right now. After all, most cutlery and a large number of chairs, tables and kitchen appliances feature the cool steely tone.

But used strategically, it can really wake up a space. Chrome and glass is a powerful combination, looking clean and fresh but also giving the effect of taking up less physical room. Instead of wooden tables that can feel bulky in small dining areas, this rounded glass table gives the effect of not being there by letting you see through it and the chrome legs glimmer and shine when they catch the light.


This Zella table gives the effect of taking up less physical room

A chrome wall clock and chair legs also draw the eye, but we love chrome lighting. Used on a pendant or two, not only will it brighten from within but the larger surface area will bounce light back. A cluster of chrome pendants creates a real statement.

valleta pendant lamp

This Valleta pendant lamp in chrome will bounce light back

Gilding the lily

Don’t feel you have to strictly use any of these shades by themselves! While matchy-matchy designs can, as mentioned above, pop against simple rooms and pull the eye outward, that doesn’t mean you can’t be as eclectic as you like.

Copper and chrome or gold and chrome combos fit beautifully together for a two-tone look – think of a table surrounded by copper stools and crowned with a chrome pendant.

And there are different shades available within each of these metallic spectrums; brighter chromes, say, or darker, almost polished golds. Experiment with using a few of these across a chosen metallic.


Experiment to create your own style: silver Pauchard style chairs and dining table

navy chairs

Navy style chairs are a perfect match for rustic dining tables

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