Seventies Dreamin’

Trends have a tendency to come back around and this is true in both the fashion world and for interior design. The latest throwback that’s made its way to this season’s hot list is the ‘70s and we can’t get enough!

Named Seventies Dreamin’, interiors are being treated to a swinging makeover in the form of rich velvet, neon colours and lavish accessories, especially when combined with mid-century pieces.

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vWhether you want to go the whole hog with a complete reimagining of the home, or you’d prefer to add just a touch of this trend into your study, we’ve got everything from the big and bold to the subtle and sophisticated to help you achieve this.

Velvet, Velvet, Velvet

The biggest and most luxurious way to tap into this trend is simple: velvet. Whether you prefer pastel shades or deeper tones, velvet furniture has the effortless ability to add an air of ornate extravagance.

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Not only does it look good but it feels incredible too. We can’t imagine anything more comfortable than relaxing on the Melvin sofa or the matching armchair every evening.

But if you want to include this rich fabric into the office or study, we suggest indulging in the brand new Moda dining chair with its modern silhouette and smart look.

Mid-century & Modern

While the ‘70s look is huge this season, we’re still seeing a focus on Scandi style and mid-century madness, and we think mixing all these themes together works just perfectly!

Think clean lines, tapered legs and natural shades then bring them to life with oversized lampshades and geometric rugs.

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Our top picks include the Moda bar stool with its natural wooden finish and gold-toned accents, while the Putney home office desk ticks all the right boxes thanks to the gently tapered legs and a walnut-effect finish.


Both contemporary and sleek, this combination of two themes has the thumbs up from us.

Retro Accessories

If you want just a little dose of nostalgia then retro accessories are key. We think bringing the space together with kitsch neon signs such as the pink flamingo or the red heart make a playful statement.

However, you can also take a classic avenue using the Arc floor lamp or the Luxor coffee table with marble detailing.

Hint: remember to always work with the space and theme you already have. If the living room is modern and sophisticated, then neon wall lights might not work here, but that doesn’t mean you should dismiss them. Instead, you can pop them in the bathroom or the kids’ bedrooms to ensure you don’t miss out on the tongue-in-cheek designs.




  • Seventies dreaming (Retro Accessories) post is good.

  • Velvet is for me! The color of the royal family…I like they style and it is really extravagant…