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Create subtle sophistication with metallic accents

Inspired by old factories and warehouses, industrial furniture has been a big hit in recent years. The simplest way to introduce this aesthetic into the home is with metallic accented furniture on our website.

Metal furniture blends well into most decors and is easy to pair with other pieces. Metals can also be mixed, for example copper can be matched with bronze to create a warm, uplifting atmosphere. Metal chairs and industrial bar stools work beautifully against exposed brick walls or tucked under wooden tables.

Chic metal chairs and barstools finished in black combine with wood or gold accents to create a sophisticated modern style. On the other side of the spectrum, chrome pairs with wood to create a timeless retro look that gives a room playful character.

However, there is a catch with metal. The balance must be right. There needs to be enough to be noticed, but not too much so as to steal the show. The key is to see it as a subtle finishing touch rather than a bold statement.

Cult Furniture understands that when it comes to metal, confidence is quiet. Our selection of industrial dining chairs, metal chairs, and other accented furniture pieces are the perfect way to take advantage of this glimmering trend and amplify an interior.

Metallic features are more than simply a trend, it’s a timeless style. It’s why the London based furniture company works closely with suppliers to ensure the best materials are used to create quality products that will shimmer for years to come.

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