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Earthy interiors to prepare the home for autumn and winter


Earthy tones such as brown, black, and grey are in capital punishment. Designers are creating balance and sophistication through neutral colour schemes and layering textures.

Using dark wooden flooring, symmetrical designs, and contrasting fabrics designers can create a refined look in the home. The mixing of textures such as woods, leathers, and fabrics is essential to getting the look right. The incorporation of these organic textures give the home a greater connection to the outdoors too, it also helps make the room feel more livable.

The look revolves around browns, blacks, and greys. It’s key to get the balance right pick one to work as the main colour and use the others to amplify the look. The greatness of brown is that it works with everything. It adds a natural cohesive and restful look to an interior. The softness of brown helps to bring out the textures of furniture too, making it essential in creating the organic, earthy look.

Black helps to accentuate the look and brings life and stature to the design scheme. The right use of black will tie the room together and complete the look beautifully. The mixing of materials and use of colour has elements of industrial design. Similarly, it’s this mixture of the raw with the modern and refined that make the look desirable.With the colder months fast approaching, now is the perfect time to jump onto this warming trend. The natural cosiness makes it the perfect style for spending nights curled up inside.

Cult Furniture has a selection of mixed fabric furniture in the grey, black, and brown colour scheme to let customers easily join this growing interior trend.

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