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You may have noticed that it’s starting to get cold outside. We feel it too. Yet, everybody still wants to go out almost every night as if it’s still summer. We can hardly blame them.

But now that it’s a lot chillier outside, do we need to go out? Do we really need to go to that bar? Look. You’re going to get there, have to wait outside in the cold to get in. You’ll then need to go through the hassle of taking your jacket into coat check and then spend the night triple checking that you haven’t lost your coat check ticket. Finally, you have to wait for the cab home once again in the bitter cold.

Why bother?

We think you should stay put and have a good night in this Autumn. With a stylish interior, the real party is always at home.

Winter is coming, and Cult Furniture has everything you need to turn your living room into your favourite place for comfort

Comfort Living

Corella Daybed

Your sofa is the centre point of a room, it’s the hangout spot, check out our full sofa range. And at home, there’ll always be space on the sofa. With the velvet upholstered Corella Daybed Sofa, you can lounge on your own luxurious hang out spot. Sit, sleep, and hang out in total comfort.

Tiger Velvet cushion

Plush Velvet Cushion












You can opt for a uniform colour scheme or shake things up a bit by mixing and matching the different patterns and colours. It’s your hang out spot, it’s totally up to you.

Home Bar

Retro Cocktail Shaker


3 Piece Bar Tool set










Mix up whatever you want and enjoy whenever you want. No waiting at the bar, no wonky measurements, and definitely not too much ice.

In the morning, if you’re feeling a little groggy, have your cup of coffee and put it on top of a smooth marble coffee table as you sit and remember how great your night in was.

Madison Nesting Coffee Tables

The white marble top contrasts with the black metal legs and serves as a focal point to the room, tying up the retro glam look of the sofa, cushions, and accessories.  

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Whether you choose to spend the night in or out, your sofa and well-styled interior will always be there for you. So why not make it a great place to curl up or hang out this Autumn?

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