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Bright Lights, Dark Nights

Winter is here. Though we love the crisp days, cosy winter fashion, and seeing dogs in jumpers, we’re not a fan of how dark it gets at this time of year nor how early it gets dark either.

Our selection of lighting will help fight the dark nights by lighting up your home in style and keep you feeling nice and warm this winter.

Classic Designs

Opie Desk Lamp

Scout Floor Lamp


This clean and defined lines of this striking antique light will illuminate your space in unmissable mid-century style. The on-trend, warming effects of the metallic and wood accents make this piece even better for coping with the cold weather.

Scout Angled

The warming brass that covers this characterful design will warm up your space both visually and through its charisma. It’s the perfect partner for having a relaxed movie night with. Thanks to the oversized proportions, the striking silhouette makes it great for office and hotel receptions too. Matches perfectly with dark walnut wood and mid-century furniture.

Smoked Glass

Lax Table Lamp

Aura Pendant Lamp


Lax Glass Lamp

The smokey combined with the glam concrete bottom creates a warming presence on your desk. Also available in pink and green, this desk lamp makes a glamorous statement that’s a hit in contemporary and vintage interiors.


Like a glimmer night sky, the smokey lamps of the aura light create a stunning, dreamlike look in your home. Suspend it over your dining table or living room sofa to create a warming, laid-back look.

Neon Dreams

Perhaps you need something else to warm you up. The “cocktails” neon light will let everybody know where the party is this winter. A fine accompaniment for serving up winter spiced drinks and mulled wines, and it’ll there too for fruity cocktails when summer rolls around.

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