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Make this Valentine’s memorable

Whether you’re dating, happily married, or single, Valentine’s day will either make you nervous, excited or roll your eyes. Regardless of how it makes you feel, Vday is right around the corner and it’s a great time to share your love with someone special… or to treat yourself.

However, in this Valentine’s gift guide, we’re being a little unconventional. We’re opting for gifts that will be loved for a long time and can be enjoyed over and over throughout your daily life. It’s the little things that matter the most after all.

Dine at home

You could book a table at your local fancy restaurant… if you manage to book a year in advance that is. Only to get there and realise it’s overflowing with couples, the servers are stressed, so the service is slow and on top of that the prices are boosted. Or instead, you could have a much better time at home. Enjoy the meal at your pace, eat the foods you want, and have full control over your surroundings.

Terrazo Candle Holder

Set a romantic atmosphere by topping the tables with candlelight held up by a handmade Terrazzo candle holder. Or if you’d like more candles (sometimes more is well… more) then opt for the Terrazo candle tray. Pop it on the table with your arrangement of beautiful candles, maybe a few scented ones if you’re feeling extra fancy.

Champagne Glasses – Set of 6

Share a bottle of your favourite champagne with our pack of 6 champagne flutes. Or, if you’re single, invite over 5 of your friends and make a mockery of the day in each other’s company.

Get Gifting

Want to get something other than chocolates, flowers, teddy bears, or perfumes? Perfect.


Jean Jacob Watch

Get him or her the Jean Jacob London Classic watch in rose gold. This unisex watch is made with black genuine Italian calfskin leather and scratch resistant stainless steel casing to bring a touch of elegance to daily life.

Flamingo Tea Towel

Maybe you’ve been together a long time and the typical gifts no longer tickle your fancies or you’ve recently moved into a new house together? Consider our decorative flamingo tea towel, it’s the little things that matter rather than the grand gestures and this tea towel exemplifies that. It’s practical and useful, yet still decorative and thoughtful.

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