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Bring balance with a softened industrial interior

Kenrick Bench

It’s rough, yet refined. Soft industrial brings a chic, sophisticated overhaul to the raw appeal of industrial or “loft-style” interiors. It does so by balancing these opposing forces together and connecting them harmoniously.

Think sharp angles and blocky shapes toned down with soft curves and cushioning. Pale and pretty shades partner with moody greys and blacks. Icy cold features melt away with warming tones and pleasant upholstery. This look brings a calming feminine touch to the hard, masculine vibe that industrial interiors produce.

Walking on the fine line between order and chaos, the opposites are brought together to create this relaxing, modern interior.

Soft Solidness

Straight lines and sharp edges are softened with cushiony upholstery. The no-frills, utilitarian metal frameworks, and exposed woods are given a welcoming revamp.

The Ruben Lounge Chair showcases the utility of industrial design with its squared black framework, however, its cushioned faux leather seat and backrest loosens the chair and gives it a warming, homely feel.

Ruben Lounge Chair

Consec Stools, wooden top

Like the Ruben, the Consec Stool is composed of a thick, angular metal framework made for sturdy utility yet is juxtaposed with it’s cushioned faux leather upholstered top.

Sleek rawness

Hatton Stools

Proudly displaying the exposed raw materials is a key tenant of industrial style interiors. However, in this style, they’re transformed into sleeker, more curvaceous shapes. Take the Hatton Stool for instance, fully made from solid Hevea wood, it features four tapered legs topped with a smooth, curved saddle seat. 

Luxury Twist

Another aspect of softened industrial is giving the hard and angular shapes of industrial design refined notes of modern and contemporary style. The Dexter Dining Chair’s functional legs, overall style, and ribbed leather upholstery ground the piece in industrial design. This, however, is given a modern twist with the streamlined adjustments made to the seat and the striking Eiffel style framework.

Dexter Chair

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