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How to Freshen up Your Interior This Spring

Springtime is finally here and now is the perfect time for a spring clean to get your home refreshed and ready for summer months ahead. Springtime is all about starting afresh and welcoming the new. Alongside giving your home a deep spring clean you can bring an empowering sense of vitality into your home easily, cheaply, and quickly with the following tips.


Brighter colours

Think bold and bright. Switch out the heavy darks and tones of winter with bright and uplifting tones, be bold with colour and let it pop against neutral backgrounds. Use the bright colour and intricate design of the Aesop chair in teal to create a bold visual statement that floods your room with a sense of life. Top it off by brightening the entire space with the industrial style Bushwick metal pendant light in a lively, shimmering antique copper finish.



Like bold colours, textures will also stand out and bring vibrancy to a room. Warm colours and textures create an alluring interest that makes your space feel calm and welcoming. Scandinavian style interiors excel at this vibe with their use of textured woods against a white or pale backdrop. Or, you could take things up a notch and freshen things up with the Tom Terrazzo Wall clock with a stunning pink background and captivating texture throughout.



Simply changing things up can make a world of difference. You’d be surprised how much of an impact rearranging your furniture, furnishings, tv, and anything else in your living room can have. A few changes can make your space feel brand new.

Take it a step further by getting a new sofa altogether, for this we’d recommend the Charlotte Corner Sofa in royal blue. This soft velvet upholstered sofa is grounded in mid-century modern style and will transform your living room in an instant.



Extend the springtime feeling of refreshing relaxation with flowing curves and soft edges. Create an inviting corner with the Primrose armchair. This mid-century chair is upholstered in soft velvet and available in a range of bright and bold colours including blossom pink, forest green, and mustard.




These four tips will help you make your space feel new again, leaving you refreshed and ready for summer. As spring is all about new life, make your interior yours. Style your home in a way that leaves you feeling renewed, vibrant, and happy.

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