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Expressing yourself through boho style

Boho Chic isn’t like other trends. If you could even call it a trend that is. It’s unusual, unconventional, yet totally you. This laid-back look is all about authentic self-expression. No two boho interiors will look the same, they may have similar traits, but each room tells it’s own story.

Boho style is for those who like to mix colours, patterns, and textures without being held back by rules. While it may sound chaotic (yet confident), it doesn’t have to be – in fact, the more relaxed it is, the better. You can still get the look and express yourself without having a cluttered space. Nor do you have to quit your job and becoming a starving artist like the style’s namesake.

With this guide, you’ll be well on your way to giving your space a whimsical boho vibe that expresses who you are.


Boho style relies heavily on the use of natural materials such as woven fabrics, leather, bamboo and raw wood. Wooden furniture tends to have more character and holds more stories.

Natural materials and boho-chic interiors go hand in hand. Wood is perhaps the best friend a bohemian room could have. Wooden furniture tells a story, it lasts longer, and above all, it’s not plastic.  

With its characterful wood grain, the Dakota Sideboard is the perfect option for a boho look. As it’s made from reclaimed mango wood, no two pieces will look the same.

Likewise, each Prescott Live Edge Side Table is also unique. It’s like having your own personal tree stump… with brass hairpin legs.

Or if that stool is too au naturel, opt for the Rosie Barstool. This wooden barstool brings a modern twist to classic design.




Textures give depth and dimension to a room. Woven textures, in particular, are a signature of the boho-chic look. Every textured piece should feel unique but it also needs to work with the other pieces too. A complementary cushion or throw on a sofa can make a world of difference.

Simply pop a Malak or Artio embroidered cushion into your space to instantly uplift it with a boho vibe.



Urban jungle. No boho home is complete without greenery. In fact, that’s the only real rule to boho. No boho home is complete without greenery. It’s safe to say that having a plant in your space is the only real rule you must follow.

But why? It’s part of the style’s connection to nature. It’s free and non-traditional, it brings the outdoors in, and expressed the urge to explore the open world and go back to the basics.

You can create your own urban jungle with numerous real plants or you can enjoy green plant prints and fabrics. For example, the Paloma Footstool in palm leaf print will bring all the hippie-glam feels into your home. It also doesn’t need to be watered.




Boho spaces should be light and airy, you don’t want to feel confined in them. Which due to their free-spirited and collection friendly vibe, can easily happen if they become too cluttered and unfocused. To help combat this, tie the room together with a bold lamp, such as the Mala Hairpin Floor Lamp in a contrasting shadowy black. This lamp will act as the focal point of the room while keeping everything else nice and lit.



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