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Art deco’s bold comeback

The art movement that shaped the modern world. Ushering in the jazz age as it rose to prominence in the 1930s, this bold, forward-thinking style is once again taking the design world by storm. 

First showcased at the 1925 Paris Exhibition, “Art Deco” was formed with the idea that an interior and its furnishings should form a complete design. It then inspired designs from the Empire State Building down to the humble desk lamp. 

It celebrated faith in progress and a joyful future. It celebrated this faith through bold expression, clean lines, and exuberant glamour. 

Modern designers, in need of this faith, are now turning their eyes back to this decadent style. It’s a dramatic change to the dominant minimalist, Scandinavian, and mid-century modern trends of recent times. 

This style is all about making a statement. Distinguished by clean shapes, repeating geometric forms, solid colours, and often expensive materials. Or at least, materials that look expensive.

In summary, the key to this style is to be bold.

The striking look can be brought into the home with art deco style furniture, design principles, and other elements. No matter how it’s used in the home, it will make an immediate impact.

Bring stylish Art Deco glamour into your home with Cult Furniture

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