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Celebrate Art Deco in your home

The art movement that shaped the modern world. Art Deco symbolises the bold optimism of the days gone by and made the cosmopolitan lifestyle fashionable.

First showcased at the 1925 Paris Exhibition, “Art Deco” was formed with the idea that an interior and its furnishings should form a complete design. It then went on to inspire designs from the heights of the Empire State Building all the way down to a desk lamp.

The look celebrates faith and optimism in a better future. It celebrates this faith through bold expression, clean lines, and exuberant glamour.

Above all, Art Deco is a celebration of life. This iconic look is back on-trend and whether you want a touch of its Hollywood glamour or you want to take it to Great Gatsby levels, we’re here to show you how to bring it into your home.


The key elements of art deco furniture are metallic accents, geometric designs, bold shapes, luxury textures and rich fabrics.

You can get all of those features in a simple way with an Art Deco style armchair. It’s also a very easy way to quickly get the look in your home.

For example, a bold armchair with velvet upholstery and a solid colour, such as blush pink, in the living room will create a glamorous statement almost immediately. As would a set of similar dining chairs in the dining room.


Tables in this style are polished and smooth. The opposite of industrial style, you won’t find any exposed elements here. Instead, there’s a focus on shape. Curves, geometric patterns or a combination of the two. There’s also usually not-so-subtle gold bands and finishes too.

Another relatively low-risk way to get the glamorous look is through a simple side table. You can also up the ante and really make a statement with a larger dining table.

You can contrast the shapes and patterns of these tables against the bold, solid colours of upholstered art deco chairs and sofas to really get the look.


There’s no better way to add bold finishing touches than through accessories and lighting. The decor pieces and lighting to use are distinguished by clean shapes, repeating geometric forms, solid colours, and often expensive (or at least, look expensive) materials.
These materials symbolise the power of the industries that were transforming society back in the 1920s.
For decor, choose pieces that capture the eye. Think solid, bold colours and metallic finishes alongside oversized details. These tend to be vibrant and full of contrast, or aim to work in contrast with its surroundings.
The sample applies to lighting too. Choose smooth and flowing floor and table lamps with shiny metal finishes and bold, iconic shapes.

So far, we’ve established that this style is all about making a statement. Without boldness, it’s hard to get the look right.

The style is all about exuberance, but that doesn’t mean you have to go all out. You can opt to include as many or as few pieces as you wish – you’ll still receive the same glamorous results.



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