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Why stylists are going loco for boho

Interior designers are unleashing their inner flower child with boho-chic interiors. This highly eclectic style lets them express their personality freely by creating a lived-in look with their favourite styles and patterns on display. 

At its core, boho is about freedom. Freedom to take elements from various sources and blend them together, sometimes with reckless abandon. It’s about finding what works for that particular person and letting the interior ooze a friendly sense of warmth.

Though, a highly personal style and a break from monotony, boho spaces do share similarities. For starters, they all feel lived in. They encourage lounging and hanging out with their shared feelings of looseness, casualness, and overall effortlessness.

Fortunately, this look is simple to create. In fact, it’s almost impossible to get wrong. It’s a breakaway from the high turnover fashion industry. In a world where things are made to be thrown away, embrace imperfections and make use of wood, natural tones, and green leaves, or shades of green.

It begs the stylist to go as maximalist as they can. By blending styles together, combining the old with the new, and embracing textures and plant life they create a relaxing home interior.

At Cult Furniture, there’s plenty of wooden furniture and leafy green prints and upholstery fabrics that are perfect for kicking off a room’s bohemian transformation. Once the basics are down, it’s up to the owner how wild they’ll go. 

There’s no limit with this style and going overboard is extremely difficult. It gives the stylist the complete freedom to create an interior they’ll fall in love with.

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