Mother nature, the modern style icon

In an increasingly tech-driven world that’s getting smaller and smaller, the home can be a welcome escape. Reconnect with nature in the most glamorous way possible with the earthen luxe design trend.

This minimalist look allows an escape from our overly tech-reliant and urbanised world. Bringing us back to our roots with an abundance of raw materials, it adds a spirit-lifting feel to the home. 

With the luxe touches of mid-century modern design alongside brass or gold accents – this look proves the home can feel down to earth yet still be outrageously captivating. 

An easy way to introduce this style into the home is with Cult Furniture’s Bordeaux range. These storage units capture the sought-after artisanal look to perfection with the natural texture of the raw materials brought to the forefront, while the brass accents add the necessary luxe finish. 

Similarly, Cult Furniture’s Hertha range of storage furniture and tables also exhibits the pared-back natural look with the chic finishing touch of brass. 

Both of these earthy pieces add to the overarching minimalist feel to the look, while still providing the handmade and rustic vibe. To master this look, think laid-back and natural with a touch of glamour. See more of this sophisticated look and the full range of matching furniture lines at

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