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Perfecting the eclectic look

What eclectic style is – and isn’t

Eclectic style is characterized by a whimsical mixture of styles, materials, time periods. It’s a unique aesthetic – in that it’s entirely unique to the individual. However, despite this, there are still ground rules to follow to keep the look in vogue. 

It may seem random, however, it’s anything but “anything goes”. A well designed eclectic interior maintains consistency and should be viewed as collected rather than busy. An eclectic room must look, and be, well thought out and styled with purpose.

Here’s how to get the look right.

Mix textures, while keeping one key texture. 

An eclectic interior shouldn’t be reserved. Bring a thoughtful mismatch by mixing smooth textures with rough to bring visual interest. However, have one texture be dominant – for example, using mostly velvet with the occasional shaggy pillow and rough wooden piece.

Have a focal point

The interior should have a focus. Have one stand-out piece or consistent colour to unify the room. An example of this is having an eye-catching accent wall adorned with a bold pattern from Cult Furniture’s new range of wallpapers

Make it livable

While having an eclectic collection of pieces is great, the room still needs to be livable. Consider the layout before introducing the next piece. Will it take away from the focal point? Will it make the room look too cluttered? Is there even space?

An eclectic interior should be viewed more like a museum displaying a person’s favourite things rather than a hot mess. Every item and design choice in the room needs to be taken into consideration as to how it will affect the overall look, and story, of the home.

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