Japandi, the best of both worlds

A celebration of two cultures in one serene style

East meets West in this hybrid style of traditional Japanese minimalism and the warming comfort of modern Scandinavian design. Japandi is centred on simplicity and functionality, both being the core elements of Japanese and Scandinavian styles.
The Japandi aesthetic balances the soft and peaceful nature of Scandi with the polished richness of Japanese palettes. While Japanese interiors can look overly sleek, the rustic details in Nordic design add variance. Where Scandinavian interiors can appear so clean they appear almost clinical, the darker colours of Japanese design give the room a sense of richness and character.

The biggest fusion of the styles, however, is the cultural one. Japandi interiors combine the Scandinavian concept of “hygge” that encourages a warm, comforting atmosphere combined with the Japanese “wabi-sabi” which means finding beauty in the perfect.

The result is an interior with clean lines and contrast that champions functionality. The look embodies a “less is more” lifestyle. Cult Furniture’s range of Scandinavian influenced chairs and sofas are perfect for capturing the look.

Building on this, Japandi interiors are exclusively function-driven. Decorative items take a backseat, however, a few statement pieces will ensure the design feels intentional. Bear in mind that this style celebrates the careful consideration of every item in the home, so when choosing these statement pieces, opt for functional items rather than flashy ones. Such items include Cult Furniture’s selection of warm throws and Japanese inspired vases and pottery.
Japandi style values the bringing elements of nature into the home. Greenery, open space, and big windows are highly valued. As is the use of natural wood, a hallmark of Japandi is the contrasting mix of light and dark woods; this use of wood brings depth to the interior.

This is a beautiful style combines the best of both worlds to create the perfect stress-free atmosphere to come home, drop what you’re doing and relax.

Curva Dining Chair – Black / Natural Seat £109
Sloane Wooden Cross Leg Dining Table, Natural £369
Hatton Wooden Bar Stool, Dark Grey 72cm £79
Leonard Left Hand Corner Sofa, Fabric Upholstered, Light Grey £999
Farrell Large Sideboard, Solid Mango Wood, Natural £729
Metal Vase with Large Handle, Grey £26

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