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5 Ways to Empower Your Home With Pink Accents

  • In honour of breast cancer awareness month, we’re thinking pink and fully embracing the power of this sexy and sophisticated colour. This versatile colour uplifts your interior with a sense of romance, fun, and wonder. From soft pastels and pale pinks to energetic corals and rich darker pinks – pink is guaranteed to invigorate your living space.

    5) Pink Power

    Pink is powerful. You can use it to create a dramatic statement in your living space. Start off with a bold pink accent wall and then partner it with a luxury pink sofa. Working as the perfect backdrop to a wooden floor, pink tones work with the earthy notes of the wood to warm up the room.

    4) Pink Serentiy

    Though pink can make a dramatic impact, it can also create a toned-down, serene atmosphere. Here the pale pink Heather lounge chair works in harmony with the soft whites and patterns to create an open and airy feel that’s perfect for drifting away in relaxation.

    3) Pink Elegance

    Pink and metallic accents, especially gold, are a match made in heaven. Together, these luxurious tones create a wonderfully elegant look that elevates your living space to newfound levels of glamour. To get the look, use a pale pink Heather dining chair with gold legs as an accent chair to match with other gold-accented pieces.

    2) Pink Empowerment

    If you really love pink, then turn the dial up to 11 and embrace it in all its glory. Match a pink accent chair such as the Lola or Penelope with a painted pink backdrop such as a bookshelf or storage cabinet. Finish off the look with pink accent pieces such as wall art and pink cushions.

    1)Pink Escape

    Create your own pink paradise. Pair your home office desk or vanity table with a lovely velvet upholstered chair, like the Elisa alongside pink wall art pieces for a glamourous boudoir look. Ideally, your mirror or workspace should be equally as glamourous, with whites and gold accents working perfectly. Finish it off with the white, or pink, Adorn sheepskin rug


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