Top 10 contemporary chairs to impress

10) Pastel Chairs –
Take a slick approach to the pastel trend

Pastel colours are the emerging trend of 2019. The Heather chairs with their velvet upholstery, slim metal legs, and charming quilted detailing fit the bill perfectly. Their sleek contoured shape hugs your body making these the most stylish and comfortable velvet dining chairs around.

9) Wooden Chairs –
A couple wooden chairs, don’t get specific

Your dining table doesn’t have to follow one standard chair. Surround it with your mixed and matched favourites. Just follow this one ground rule: keep either the colour or the material the same.

8) Metal Chairs –
Mix form with function for a classic look

A masterclass in versatility, the Cult Living hairpin chair brings a classic industrial look with a contemporary twist that makes your space feel airy and open. This wooden chair is a foolproof option for almost every dining room.

7) Moda Chairs –
The classic style that you can wipe clean

Having messy eaters at the dining tables doesn’t mean you have to give up style. The Moda dining chair fuses iconic mid-century modern design with contemporary freshness, and if anything gets spilt on them you can wipe it off in a flash.

6) Mid Century Chairs –
Look to the past for the interior of tomorrow

Step into a metaphorical time machine and give your space a mid-century twist with the Malmros upholstered dining chair. This retro-style wooden chair features a soft upholstered seat and brings a timeless look to your dining room or living space.

5) Scandi Chairs-
Struggling with simplicity? Scandinavia has the answers!

Minimalist but warm, simple yet stylish – the hallmarks of a Scandi Chic look and with the Poppy wooden dining chair you get it all. Taking inspiration from mid-century modern design, this contemporary chair flows into your space with ease.

4) Luxe Chairs –
All of the glitz, none of the kitsch

Embolden your interior with all of the glitz and glamour of the 1920s with the Effie Armchair. The sleek velvet upholstery and slim golden legs of this Art Deco give your living space an immediate luxe lift up.

3) Comfy chairs –
Comfort? looks? Why not both?

With it’s squishy cushioning, rich velvet upholstery, and mid-century modern sophistication, the Adela chair disproves the myth that you have to suffer to look good. Pop it in your bedroom or living room as an accent chair and take a seat to ponder other philosophical dilemmas.

2) Boho Chairs –
Wonderfully woven, get the Boho look with rattan

It may look effortless, but getting boho chic right takes a keen eye. Not to fear, with the Josef woven dining chair you’ll be well on your way to getting those relaxed hippy chic vibes. As it’s made from rattan, you can take the look outdoors too.

1) Faux leather chairs –
Explore leather’s versatility

Leather isn’t an industrial exclusive, it’s one of the most popular materials on the market! It’s so versatile, it can go anywhere. Just look at the Elgin dining chair, in tan faux leather this chair works whether your space is modern, contemporary, vintage… the list goes on.

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