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The world of interior design is forever changing and with each new year comes an emergence of new trends. At Cult Furniture, we like to stay on top of the game. So this year, we spoke to a mix of interior designers and influencers about the trends they’re predicting we’ll be seeing everywhere next year.

We’ve distilled what we’ve found down to three major trends. There are new looks on the rise such as a colour that’s filled with optimism and aims to reign in the new decade with elegance, as well as a reemergence of style from a time gone by that’s set to take the year by storm.

Without further ado, here are the trends you can expect to see just about everywhere in the coming year.

We’re going au naturel in 2020. This peaceful style replicates nature through the use of earthy tones, such as browns, warm greys, and clay colours. The muted colour palette brings you back to your roots and through the avoidance of boldness, it promotes feelings of tranquillity. On the opposite end to 70s glam, this style is far more reserved with a toned-down colour palette, breezy atmosphere, and encourages a slower, more relaxed way of life.

The ultimate design throwback, 70s glamour will rise again in 2020. Building from the mid-century modern style, the 70s bought in a range of looks from boho-hippie to disco chic to the glitz of Hollywood. This time period is packed with dreamy ideas and radical inspiration, so we’re fully expecting to see its influence just about everywhere.

Rearing to dominate the worlds of fashion and interiors with its laidback charm, neo-mint is set to be the colour of 2020. A fresh tone for a fresh decade, this pastel green colour embodies a forward-thinking optimism. Like the freshness of the sea, this tone balances emotions and promotes a calming sense of clarity. Popular in the 50s, this colour works great with mid-century style homes. It also is the perfect complementary colour to Coral, last year’s hit colour.

Cult Furniture stays on top of the trends to keep your interiors looking fresh and stylish.

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