Cult Furniture Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her

How to Treat your girl

As much as Valentine’s day fills us with love, it fills us with dread too. You want to get your wife or girlfriend something special but you also want to get something that lasts a little longer than a box of chocolates of flowers. 

There’s a lot of pressure too, did you know that on average, men spend more than twice as much on Valentine’s day gifts for the woman in their life? So just how do you get the right gift that says “I love you” without breaking the bank or coming across as cheap? 

Well, you’re in the right place. With this selection of V day gifts for her, you’ll find something unique, useful, and ever-lasting.

Velvet Cushion

Everybody needs time to relax – though not everybody wants to buy a spa day for Valentine’s. Fair enough. So do one (subjectively) better and make her bed, sofa, or armchair extra special with an ultra-chic velvet cushion.

Beautifully soft and in a choice of decadent colours and prints, they’ll bring glamourous vibes wherever you pop it.

Marble Vanity Mirror

Hows her mirror situation looking? Upgrade the bathroom mirror with this elegant marble vanity mirror. It’s swivel design and neat size make it perfect for the bathroom counter or on the vanity table.

Wall art

Are her walls looking bare? Or are they filled with quotes, photos and more? Regardless, a piece of wall art never hurt anybody – they make any room that much more stylish. 

There are plenty of options too. Show her your fashion knowledge by getting on the trending botanical look with this framed pink and green banana leaf print or this groovy California cactus print for a Hollywood look.

There’s plenty of other looks too like these colourful geometric prints. Find what you think is cool and we’re certain that she’ll think it looks cool too.

Gold Vase

When all else fails, get flowers. Not flowers on their own mind you, pair them with this beautiful gold vase. It makes the ultimate statement piece for the coffee table, windowsill, or fireplace – and will continue to stay stylish long after the flowers are gone. Besides, something gold is always failsafe. Similarly, you can go for a little gold flowerpot instead. 

Didn’t see something she’d like? View the rest of our collection

Not in a relationship? No problem. 

You don’t have to be in a romantic relationship to enjoy Valentine’s Day. A considerable number of gifts bought on Valentines aren’t for a romantic partner – they’re for friends, children, parents, and even themselves. 

There are new traditions popping up too that shun the notion of only buying gifts for a partner. For example, all the single ladies can celebrate their love for each other with “Galentines” and for besties, there’s “Palentines”. So there’s no excuse not to buy or receive a gift on that ambiguous day in mid-Feb.

Or, you could just buy something yourself. There’s no shame in buying a Valentine’s Day gift for yourself – 11.5% of people do it, so you won’t be alone in that regard. 

If these alternate celebrations tickle your fancy, take a look back through the gifts, and reframe it with your BFF (or yourself) in mind. Get them involved in the fun too (it shouldn’t be too hard to convince them).

Or, if you can’t decide, just get them a gift card. We’ve all been there.

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