Cult Furniture Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him

Can’t figure out what to buy them for Valentine’s Day? You’re not alone. We’ve struggled with this since all the way back in the 15th century: what the fudge do we buy our loved ones for Valentine’s Day? 

You could opt for roses or chocolates, but you did that last year and want to do something a little different. You could book a table at a restaurant, though mind you, it’ll be packed and you’ll likely have to book months in advance, so it’s a little too late for that now. 

So you then freak out and impulse buy the first thing you see with a love heart on it. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, there are plenty of better gifts out there. Gifts that combine style, purpose, and last longer than a week. 

So, if you want to break through the intimidation factor of gift buying and get him something he’ll treasure for a lifetime, then you’ll want to read this guide.

With gifts at every price point, you’ll find something they’ll never expect.

How to Treat your Man

Ah, buying for a man. It should be easy…so why is it so hard?! You already bought him enough socks to last a lifetime and everybody bought him a bottle of whisky over Christmas. 

Fear not, my friend. Whether you’re looking to wow your husband or charm your boyfriend, we’ve got a selection of gifts that’ll he’ll love every day of the year. Because we know how much he protests not liking Valentine’s day (even though he secretly loves it too).

Cocktail set

Let him try his hand at mixology with this brushed chrome 5 piece cocktail sets. Within no time he’ll be whipping you up cosmos, margaritas and more! It’s also a great way to use up any spirits you both got over Christmas. 

Also available in brass, this luxurious kit is inspired by Art Deco style and comes with everything you’ll need to start making drinks the moment you take it out of the box.

White and Gold Marble Plates

The best kinds of gifts are the ones that he wouldn’t buy for himself. Like these fancy white marble and gold plates – because why eat from plain plates? And maybe, just maybe, he’ll show off his cooking prowess and serve you your favourite meal in return. 

Marble Alarm Clock

In most cases, an alarm on your phone isn’t enough. You wake up, then spend half an hour scrolling through your feeds. Make sure he gets up when he wakes up with this modern alarm clock. Perfect for the bedside table, this chic clock oozes sophistication with its combination of black marble and copper touches.

Mayfair Crystal Ships Decanter

Practicality doesn’t have to be boring. This glass decanter’s most defining feature is simply how cool it looks. There’s a fun story (that he’ll love to tell) about this shape too. Aptly named, the Mayfair decanter copies its style from the bottles used to stop drinks from spilling in the rough seas. Ideal for brandy, rum, or rum. 

Besides, it looks way better than a usual bottle, and he’ll feel like the coolest kid in town when pouring a drink.

Not in a relationship? No problem. 

You don’t have to be in a romantic relationship to enjoy Valentine’s Day. A considerable number of gifts bought on Valentines aren’t for a romantic partner – they’re for friends, children, parents, and even themselves. 

Or, you could just buy something yourself. There’s no shame in buying a Valentine’s Day gift for yourself – 11.5% of people do it, so you won’t be alone in that regard. 

If these alternate celebrations tickle your fancy, take a look back through the gifts, and reframe it with your BFF (or yourself) in mind. Get them involved in the fun too (it shouldn’t be too hard to convince them).

Or, if you can’t decide, just get them a gift card. We’ve all been there.

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