How to style Pantone Classic Blue in your home

Pantone has announced Classic Blue as their colour of the year for 2020. This brilliant colour balances the anchoring values of navy blue with the regal enchantment of royal blue to create a tone that’s filled with rich depth. 

According to Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, classic blue colour instills “calm, confidence, and connection”. With the current landscape of political woes and environmental worries contrasted with a population increasingly dedicated to well being, these values allow classic blue to stand as a colour to rely on.

While giving us a stable foundation, the colour equally inspires hope for a better future. With this balancing act, this bountiful colour can work as an accent colour in most modern interiors or take centre stage as the main colour within an interior. 

Whichever direction you take the colour – or the colour takes you – read on to discover how to seamlessly introduce its dependable values into your interior.

How to make a statement with classic blue

An all-around colour, adaptability is the name of the game for Pantone classic blue. As versatile as it is elegant, this deep shade can be used as either an accent colour or a statement piece.

However, as the colour is a blend between darker and lighter blues it’s been criticised for not being bold enough to say anything. In other words, boring. We don’t think that’s true. At all. Classic blue is far from boring and can easily make a statement in the home.

For example. in a modern Scandi interior with textbook white walls and minimalism, a classic blue chair such as the Beatrix dining chair will immediately grab attention thanks to its rich velvet upholstery.

Here are a handful of other ways to bring out the best of classic blue in your space.

What works with Classic Blue

Blue’s versatility is its biggest strength. This rich blue will pair with many shades already in your home. The key for classic blue is to layer it through shades and texture. You can do this by simply throwing textured velvet cushions onto your existing sofa. Whether it’s grey or hot pink, classic blue will work with it.

Classic blue is dark enough to enhance warm accents such as burnt orange and metallics like gold while being bright enough to illuminate a white-washed room and bring vibrant nautical style or recreate the feelings of a Greek island home.

Master of Metal

Being such a rich colour, it’s no wonder that classic blue works perfectly with metallic accents like gold, brass, or copper. See for yourself with the Rayner dining chair. Upholstered in velvet with glimmering brass legs, this glamorous chair works perfectly in both modern and vintage interiors – it’s great for more maximalist homes too! 

Equally as glamorous in brass, the Paloma stool brings a lively pop of colour to your front room or bedroom. With its velvet upholstery and hairpin legs, this retro pouffe is ideal for bringing a 70’s inspired look into your home. Like classic blue, 70’s style is set to be a huge trend in the year ahead.

Lighter hues and brighter blues.

To avoid too much repetition and colour overwhelm, balance out the colour with other shade of blue. Make tonal statements and mix in slate blues or lighten the mood with pops of pale blues. By mixing in these more playful and lighthearted tones you’ll create a more welcoming atmosphere in your living space. 

This is best done through accessory pieces like this blue cushion or by draping a throw over a classic blue sofa or armchair such as the Audrey accent chair.

A song of ice and fire

If you’ve been a fan of Pantone’s colours of the year then you’ll be pleased to know that classic blue works hand in hand with last year’s colour, Living Coral. In fact, it works with most warm colours too. 

You might not consider these tones a match made in heaven, yet the cold of classic blue works powerfully with the heat of oranges, pinks, and reds.

The uplifting and energetic nature of these warm tones is reigned in by the dependable dark blue while still being allowed to flourish. It’s this harmonious symphony that makes this colour combo work so well. 

Draw the eye around the room by mixing and matching blue and warm accessories, like blue cushions on a pale pink sofa or vice versa with the Vivienne 3-seater

Like with warm colours, this dark blue works equally as strong with natural woods too, think flooring or wooden dining tables. In particular, the Noa bar stool is a great example with its long wooden legs and mid-century modern style brass caps.


If you’re unable to paint your walls and you’re stuck with a soft neutral colour scheme, classic blue is your saviour. The richness of this shade provides grounding and depth, bringing life to a previously dull interior. 

For example, simply layering in a classic blue rug will immediately transform a beige living room into one that’s filled with character.

With so many roles it can fill, classic blue is a classic for a reason. How will you bring its strength and stability into your home?

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