Buying Guide: Lighting

Bright Ideas

Our new lighting ranges will have you and your guests in awe with their eye-catching features. Introducing gorgeous new designs that are giving a new meaning to ambience and mood throughout the home.

These ‘instagrammable’ pieces will soon tie your interior together with ease, whilst maintaining that new fresh dynamic feeling throughout the space. With three types of lighting to choose from; ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting you’re able to create the right feeling to any room.

Ambient lighting, which is also called mood lighting, is to create a relaxing environment that makes you feel calm and comforted. It is usually the primary light source in the room, so you may want to consider the temperature and colour of the light, which’ll add warmth and depth to the space. Our modernised ceiling lights such as the; Santorini, Cordelia Verona and Colette pendant light. Ambient lighting is also best used in the hospitality industry, as this is a mood that may encourage customers to stay at the establishment for lengths of time or even return.

Task lighting, it’s all in the name! These lights are normally used for activities that you pay close attention to, for example; reading a book or doing your hair etc. They hone in on focus areas of the room and are never used to light up the whole space. Pair our Arezzo or Napoli table lamp with your desk, console table or side table or place the Ellery floor lamp next to your reading nook.

Give the spotlight to your favourite artwork or cosy corner with an accent light named Riley. Highlighting important aspects of the room, the accent lighting adds a slight new character to the space, whilst your ceiling pendants maintain the soft tone ambience. Floor lamps that are used as accent lighting can work well in your living room and bedrooms, whilst pendant and LED lights magnify the tone in dining rooms and kitchens.

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Riley Floor Lamp, White Marble & Black
Arezzo Round Glass Table Lamp, Green Marble
Cordelia Pendant Light, White & Black
Ellery Floor Lamp, Natural Rattan
Napoli Glass Table Lamp, Black Marble & Green

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