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We sat down with Sommer Pyne the Digital Creator for House Curious to discuss home interiors, her love for florals, and her top essential tips for creating a mood-boasting environment at home.

Summer, thank you for inviting us into your beautiful home today. We’d love to hear more about how your interior style reflects your life and who you are?

I take a lot of inspiration from Australia with relaxed laid back open plan living,  combined with a modern twist on period features. I like using raw materials such as wood, concrete, and brass. Bringing the outside in is also essential for wellness and adding a sense of calm to a space.

Your unique passion for floral design is mirrored throughout your home, tell us more about how you’ve incorporated Shida into your style and what kind of space it creates for you? 

I love flowers, I can’t get enough of them, the more the better. They are a great way to brighten up any room. I love Shida preserved flowers because they last so much longer and they’re timeless.

We know that having an artistic approach is a huge part of your work, can you talk us through the importance of these gorgeous floral displays styled throughout your home? 

Colour is so important to me and flowers are a great way to add interest and accents of colours. Sometimes I might have an oversized floral display to add drama or I might get creative and group together small bunches of flowers in vases at different heights.

Your home exhibits a luxurious & naturistic feel with a strong focus on bringing the outside in. How important are these elements in your home? 

Bringing the outside in is so calming to me and I think wellness in the home is so important these days. My home is my sanctuary where I can relax and unwind.

We are so in love with your style and how you mix natural elements to create a mood-boosting sanctuary. How can our readers achieve a similar aesthetic in their homes? 

Plants and flowers are a good place to start but also adding natural raw materials such as a wooden table or chair. If you’re renovating knock down walls and open up spaces, add large windows and let as much natural light in as possible. 

Finally, what are your essential items to creating a space that you are proud to call home? 

Don’t buy everything new – mix old with new. Be bold with paint. Paint is a great way to transform a room. Art is so important to elevate a space and show your personality. 

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