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Winter Sale: Modern dining chairs under £70

Chairs are important furniture pieces. Besides being some of the most used things in your home, they can make or break the style of a room. However, you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune on the right chair for your home.  As such, here’s…

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Top 10 contemporary chairs to impress

10) Pastel Chairs – Take a slick approach to the pastel trend Pastel colours are the emerging trend of 2019. The Heather chairs with their velvet upholstery, slim metal legs, and charming quilted detailing fit the bill perfectly. Their sleek contoured shape hugs your…

Buying Guide Chairs

Say Hello to Your Natural Style Staples

Interiors have taken a shift towards the natural look, with light and airy spaces becoming the vibe of the summer. Well, it makes sense, after all, who wouldn’t want to open up the living room and welcome a softer feel during the warmer months?…

Chairs Design Style Tips

How to: Mix and Match chairs

Just like you wouldn’t wear a matching dress, jacket and heels anymore, the interior design world is also shifting away from the rigid idea that everything has to be matchy-matchy. If your parents (or some slightly dubious interior designer) ever warned you that your…

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Express Yourself with our New Moda Collection

  The most customisable chairs ever? Forget what you think you know about furniture! In a world where everything can be personalized, the one-size-fits-all approach no longer has to apply. That’s the concept we had in mind when brewing up our Moda collection. Launching…