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Home Tour: Kalee Hewett

At Home With : Kalee Hewett Returning after a 3 1/2 year stint living in sunny LA, celeb fashion stylist, tv presenter, and interior designer (not to mention newly appointed Cult Brand Ambassador); Kalee Hewlett has firmly put her roots back down in the UK, and injected some serious style into her new South London pad. We caught up with Kalee to explore how she exposes organic elements with a minimalist spin throughout her home – Japandi style. Combining Scandinavian and Japanese style, Kalee has created an Instaworthy yet warm,... Read More

The Home of an Art Collector: Julien Rademaker 23/10/2015

Home Tours: Julien Rademaker

The Home of an Art Collector: Julien Rademaker Don’t you feel pretty delighted when you come across a home so bold and unique? Filled with art, plants and colours that remind us of autumn; enter the home of Julien Rademaker! We came across his previous home & interview on Freunde von Freunden (which is definitely worth a look/read!). Julien is an art collector, interior stylist and curator who spends a lot of his time browsing Marktplaats, the Dutch equivalent of Ebay. He shares his artistic finds on his blog Gevonden... Read More


Home Tour: Ylva Skarp

A Calligrapher’s Home: Ylva Skarp We had shared an image on our Instagram page a few days ago and it would have been a loss if we didn’t share the entire home of calligrapher Ylva Skarp here. Filled with vintage pieces that tell all kinds of stories (just look at the dining table for example!), her home holds as much character as her work. We love how she has combined those vintage finds with modern classics such as the Eames DSW chair. A few things we can find in her home, or some tips... Read More

Swedish Homes by Alexander White 31/05/2015

Home Tour: Swedish Homes

Swedish Homes by Alexander White We all love Scandinavian design and browsing through the Alexander White website sparks a lot of inspiration! Listed on their site are flats and homes for sale/rent in Sweden, all beautifully styled to give a good impression of what you could do with the space. From subtle lighting to Hans Jørgensen Wegner’s wishbone chairs, the rooms are filled with beautiful design pieces. We’ve picked a few of our favourites from their site below. Here are our highlights: Hans Jørgensen Wegner, Wishbone chair: What we like most... Read More