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Your Next Stylish Stay at Airbnb

Creating our ideal home, from scratch, may be difficult and expensive (and sometimes even a little surreal). At Cult Furniture, we aim to make furniture and contemporary designs accessible to all, so everyone gets a chance to build the home they want with the designs they love. But what about your ideal location? Maybe you’d love to move somewhere sunny or maybe you’d love to live near the seaside or in a bustling city centre. We may have a lot of dreams, and that’s where Airbnb comes in handy! (By... Read More

The Home of an Art Collector: Julien Rademaker 23/10/2015

The Home of an Art Collector: Julien Rademaker

Don’t you feel pretty delighted when you come across a home so bold and unique? Filled with art, plants and colours that remind us of autumn; enter the home of Julien Rademaker! We came across his previous home & interview on Freunde von Freunden (which is definitely worth a look/read!). Julien is an art collector, interior stylist and curator who spends a lot of his time browsing Marktplaats, the Dutch equivalent of Ebay. He shares his artistic finds on his blog Gevonden op Marktplaats (‘found on Marktplaats’), from vintage Danish... Read More

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Pinterest Brought to Life: ‘The Intern’ Set Design

You may have heard of the newest movie of Nancy Meyers the Intern. Everyone is talking about it, and we’d like to say something too. The Intern is the newest movie of Nancy Meyers: a drama comedy about a successful business woman and mother. A lot of people have spoken about the movie and it’s unusual story. But what we’d like to focus on today is the amount of detail Meyers and her team put into the set design of the Intern. It’s as if you’re taking pretty interiors from Pinterest... Read More

Monday Blues - Home tour with blue and gold touches via Homepolish 13/09/2015

Monday Blues: A Chic NYC Home with Pops of Blue

It’s Monday: time for some ‘Monday Blues’ inspiration, all the way from Brooklyn! Enter the home of Jenna and Ryan: They started off with little furniture after they moved, and hired interior designer Tina Apostolou (from Homepolish) to help them design their home. Design choices are good choices if they’ll make you happy is Tina’s philosophy, and this home makes us happy! A great space to inspire you, with its sophisticated look and some unusual elements. Just look at that stunning staircase! See slideshow above and some tips after the... Read More