How to style Pantone Classic Blue in your home

Pantone has announced Classic Blue as their colour of the year for 2020. This brilliant colour balances the anchoring values of navy blue with the regal enchantment of royal blue to create a tone that’s filled with rich depth.  According to Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, classic blue colour instills “calm, confidence, and connection”. With the current landscape of political woes and environmental worries contrasted with a population increasingly dedicated to well being, these values allow classic blue to stand as a colour to rely... Read More


5 Ways to Empower Your Home With Pink Accents

In honour of breast cancer awareness month, we’re thinking pink and fully embracing the power of this sexy and sophisticated colour. This versatile colour uplifts your interior with a sense of romance, fun, and wonder. From soft pastels and pale pinks to energetic corals and rich darker pinks – pink is guaranteed to invigorate your living space. 5) Pink Power Pink is powerful. You can use it to create a dramatic statement in your living space. Start off with a bold pink accent wall and then partner it with a... Read More


Eclectic Style: the interior unique to you

Eclectic style is different from most styles, in fact, it’s more of a whimsical mixture of styles. This striking aesthetic takes your favourite materials, patterns, textures, and even time periods and blends them together to perfection, it’s like an interior design smoothie. However, the best part about this look is that it’s entirely unique to you. While on the surface, it may seem like this look is “anything goes”, it’s anything but that. A well designed eclectic interior maintains consistency and should be viewed as collected rather than busy. It... Read More


Celebrate Art Deco in your home

The art movement that shaped the modern world. Art Deco symbolises the bold optimism of the days gone by and made the cosmopolitan lifestyle fashionable. First showcased at the 1925 Paris Exhibition, “Art Deco” was formed with the idea that an interior and its furnishings should form a complete design. It then went on to inspire designs from the heights of the Empire State Building all the way down to a desk lamp. The look celebrates faith and optimism in a better future. It celebrates this faith through bold expression,... Read More


50 Shades of Sunshine

Spiced Amber covers this season’s hottest hues. Capturing the sunlight, and our imaginations, this theme embraces yellows, oranges, and earthy tones. This evocative colour scheme boosts energy, exudes excitement, and makes a powerful statement. Transform your interior and start every day on a positive note with this bold, bright, and beautiful palette. Yellow Yellow. The colour of hope, happiness, and sunshine. This bright and welcoming colour creates an inviting presence in your home. Above all, this colour stands out. For example, New York City taxi cabs are purposefully painted to... Read More