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Bring balance with a softened industrial interior

It’s rough, yet refined. Soft industrial brings a chic, sophisticated overhaul to the raw appeal of industrial or “loft-style” interiors. It does so by balancing these opposing forces together and connecting them harmoniously. Think sharp angles and blocky shapes toned down with soft curves…


The keys to a picturesque Christmas

Ah, Christmas. It’s a time of singing carols, opening presents, cheesy puns, and… stress. The big day is edging closer and if you’re stuck deciding how to style your home, let alone have the gifts ready, we at Cult Furniture have you covered. We’ve…

Cult & Colour Inspiration Trend Report

True Achromatics for your Home

When something lacks colour or hue, it’s considered achromatic. In a literal sense, it means “without colour” although, in an interior design sense, it’s limiting a room’s colour palette to black, greys, and browns. These achromatic earth tones combine to create a crisp, calming…

Inspiration Trend Report

Retro Rivival

Guess what? Throwback is BACK and you heard it here first. We’re loving this new-meets-old theme and that’s why we’ve named our latest collection: Retro Revival. Image from our past Stylist Competition We aren’t turning our back on modern details by the way. We’re…

Buying Guide Inspiration Trend Report

Seventies Dreamin’

Trends have a tendency to come back around and this is true in both the fashion world and for interior design. The latest throwback that’s made its way to this season’s hot list is the ‘70s and we can’t get enough! Named Seventies Dreamin’,…