Peace awaits in Japandi

Like the namesake, Japandi is a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian style. These two styles may seem a world apart, but despite the geographic distance, these styles are more similar than you’d think. So while it may seem odd, fusing these two styles together couldn’t work any more perfectly. In Japandi, east meets west in a collection of shared values, the chief amongst them being calm, tidiness, and functionality. These values are emphasised and celebrated, resulting in a peaceful interior that will melt the stress away and leave you feeling... Read More


Eclectic Style: the interior unique to you

Eclectic style is different from most styles, in fact, it’s more of a whimsical mixture of styles. This striking aesthetic takes your favourite materials, patterns, textures, and even time periods and blends them together to perfection, it’s like an interior design smoothie. However, the best part about this look is that it’s entirely unique to you. While on the surface, it may seem like this look is “anything goes”, it’s anything but that. A well designed eclectic interior maintains consistency and should be viewed as collected rather than busy. It... Read More

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Escape into luxury with Earthen Luxe

Get away from it all by embracing the relaxing atmosphere of the natural world in your home. This minimalist style gives us a welcome break from the fast-paced and overly tech-reliant modern world. However, just because this look fully embraces the earth, it doesn’t mean it can’t be luxurious. In fact, quite the opposite. Earthen luxe is as bold and captivating as it is down to earth. It’s the perfect blend of glamour and nature. Getting the look involves embracing the raw and the rugged. This means using wood, stone,... Read More


Bring balance with a softened industrial interior

It’s rough, yet refined. Soft industrial brings a chic, sophisticated overhaul to the raw appeal of industrial or “loft-style” interiors. It does so by balancing these opposing forces together and connecting them harmoniously. Think sharp angles and blocky shapes toned down with soft curves and cushioning. Pale and pretty shades partner with moody greys and blacks. Icy cold features melt away with warming tones and pleasant upholstery. This look brings a calming feminine touch to the hard, masculine vibe that industrial interiors produce. Walking on the fine line between order... Read More


The keys to a picturesque Christmas

Ah, Christmas. It’s a time of singing carols, opening presents, cheesy puns, and… stress. The big day is edging closer and if you’re stuck deciding how to style your home, let alone have the gifts ready, we at Cult Furniture have you covered. We’ve all desired that picturesque Christmas day – like the ones we’ve seen in the films, or even that happy family on the Christmas cards. But, we’ve never managed to make it happen. Something usually goes wrong, preventing that picture perfect Christmas day you’ve had in mind.... Read More