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The world of interior design is forever changing and with each new year comes an emergence of new trends. At Cult Furniture, we like to stay on top of the game. So this year, we spoke to a mix of interior designers and influencers…

Press Releases

It’s Time to Think Pink

A shift away from bland interiors has led to the rise of pink. This trending colour was once seen as a no-go, but now, it’s bringing a plethora of emotion and atmosphere into the contemporary home.  Homeowners and designers have become adventurous with their…

Press Releases

Japandi, the best of both worlds

A celebration of two cultures in one serene style East meets West in this hybrid style of traditional Japanese minimalism and the warming comfort of modern Scandinavian design. Japandi is centred on simplicity and functionality, both being the core elements of Japanese and Scandinavian…