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Style By Room: Hallway

Your hallway is more than just a place for shoes. It’s the entrance to your home. It’s a handy place for hanging coats and holding keys, though it’s usually small. Because of its size, you need to make the most of every space. Despite its focus on functionality and smaller size,  your hallway can still be supremely stylish. Here are a few products that can transform your hallway into a stylish spot that’s packed with functional edges. After all, it is the first thing you see when you get home... Read More


The perfect living room begins with the perfect sofa

Perfect Resume The living room should be a reflection of personal taste and individual character. While current interior trends and styles are important, it’s personal taste that is the key to creating a perfect living room. The most essential part of a living room is the sofa, it’s both the centrepiece as well as the most used piece of furniture. As such, the room’s interior should be styled around the sofa. In well-styled living rooms, nothing sticks out more than an out of place sofa. Because of this, getting the... Read More

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Get cosy with Cult

You may have noticed that it’s starting to get cold outside. We feel it too. Yet, everybody still wants to go out almost every night as if it’s still summer. We can hardly blame them. But now that it’s a lot chillier outside, do we need to go out? Do we really need to go to that bar? Look. You’re going to get there, have to wait outside in the cold to get in. You’ll then need to go through the hassle of taking your jacket into coat check and... Read More

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The 3 Best Bedroom Looks for Under £2000

We spend a good third of the day there, so it stands to reason that the humble bedroom ought to do more than just look good, but also be a real sanctuary for us to come home to, a place that inspires and, more than ever, a multi-use room that has to incorporate our nests, all of our stuff, workspaces, plus somewhere to get dressed in the morning. The reality is that for most people get the bed sorted and then consider things pretty much done  – leaving a lot... Read More


The best outdoor garden furniture for spring

Is it just us or does the same thing happen every year? It’s freezing for months and feels like spring’s never going to arrive then suddenly April hits, the clocks have gone forward and the climate’s positively tropical. It’s easy to get caught unprepared by the weather, so if you really want to get the most out of your garden, patio or balcony it’s important to start early with your outdoor furniture. Sure, outdoor furniture isn’t essential. But more than any other part of the home, this is one area... Read More