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Mid-Century Modern: A Vision of the Future

No other interior style has stood the test of time as mid-century modern has. It’s an evergreen style that’s beloved by all and frequently talked about, but why? Take a dive into what mid-century modern is and how the look is achieved. With its roots in the USA and Europe, designs in this style were born in the 1940s and 50s. Inspired by the forward-thinking nature of the greatest generation, the look embodied an optimistic look to the future.  As such, practicality and durability reigned supreme. With these key values,... Read More

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Top 10 contemporary chairs to impress

10) Pastel Chairs – Take a slick approach to the pastel trend Pastel colours are the emerging trend of 2019. The Heather chairs with their velvet upholstery, slim metal legs, and charming quilted detailing fit the bill perfectly. Their sleek contoured shape hugs your body making these the most stylish and comfortable velvet dining chairs around. 9) Wooden Chairs – A couple wooden chairs, don’t get specific Your dining table doesn’t have to follow one standard chair. Surround it with your mixed and matched favourites. Just follow this one ground... Read More

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Escape into luxury with Earthen Luxe

Get away from it all by embracing the relaxing atmosphere of the natural world in your home. This minimalist style gives us a welcome break from the fast-paced and overly tech-reliant modern world. However, just because this look fully embraces the earth, it doesn’t mean it can’t be luxurious. In fact, quite the opposite. Earthen luxe is as bold and captivating as it is down to earth. It’s the perfect blend of glamour and nature. Getting the look involves embracing the raw and the rugged. This means using wood, stone,... Read More


Celebrate Art Deco in your home

The art movement that shaped the modern world. Art Deco symbolises the bold optimism of the days gone by and made the cosmopolitan lifestyle fashionable. First showcased at the 1925 Paris Exhibition, “Art Deco” was formed with the idea that an interior and its furnishings should form a complete design. It then went on to inspire designs from the heights of the Empire State Building all the way down to a desk lamp. The look celebrates faith and optimism in a better future. It celebrates this faith through bold expression,... Read More


How to Freshen up Your Interior This Spring

Springtime is finally here and now is the perfect time for a spring clean to get your home refreshed and ready for summer months ahead. Springtime is all about starting afresh and welcoming the new. Alongside giving your home a deep spring clean you can bring an empowering sense of vitality into your home easily, cheaply, and quickly with the following tips.   Brighter colours Think bold and bright. Switch out the heavy darks and tones of winter with bright and uplifting tones, be bold with colour and let it pop... Read More