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Style Tips

How to Freshen up Your Interior This Spring

Springtime is finally here and now is the perfect time for a spring clean to get your home refreshed and ready for summer months ahead. Springtime is all about starting afresh and welcoming the new. Alongside giving your home a deep spring clean you can…

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Ahead of the Curve

It seems that sleek lines and square silhouettes have been a main focus within interiors for, well, as long as we can remember now. Don’t worry, we aren’t saying goodbye to rectangular dining tables just yet, but we’re preparing to welcome in softer, more…

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The Live Edge Trend

Okay, so first of all what is live edge? These tables are made using natural wood slabs, which have been air dried and finished with kiln dry techniques. Skilled craftsmen assemble each piece with meticulous detail. The results? A completely unique design. Image Pinterest…

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Compact Living

If you’re one of the many million residents who are in the process of downsizing then it may be time to start thinking about how your furniture and home accessories can aid in this journey. Compact Living has grown in popularity over the past…