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The world of interior design is forever changing and with each new year comes an emergence of new trends. At Cult Furniture, we like to stay on top of the game. So this year, we spoke to a mix of interior designers and influencers…

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Wallpaper is back and bolder than ever

Wallpaper is back. And it’s making a statement. A big statement. Wallpaper is no longer the boring and bland stuff from the 80s and 90s, it’s bright and bold. It’s shaken off the uncool persona it used to have and it’s now a leading…

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Faux Leather Seating Trends

Enjoy all of the sophistication, comfort, and style of leather without any of the guilt. Faux leather is a synthetic based material that looks, feels, and acts as regular leather does. Only, it’s a lot more affordable. Oh, and it’s vegan too. As this…

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True Achromatics for your Home

When something lacks colour or hue, it’s considered achromatic. In a literal sense, it means “without colour” although, in an interior design sense, it’s limiting a room’s colour palette to black, greys, and browns. These achromatic earth tones combine to create a crisp, calming…