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Why stylists are going loco for boho

Interior designers are unleashing their inner flower child with boho-chic interiors. This highly eclectic style lets them express their personality freely by creating a lived-in look with their favourite styles and patterns on display.  At its core, boho is about freedom. Freedom to take…

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Adding sophistication to the industrial style

With it’s exposed look, bare fixtures, and raw appeal, the industrial, “loft-style” look has remained popular for many seasons now. The look still remains as strong as ever, however, stylists are also infusing the look with other popular styles.  For example, Industrial luxe. This…

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Empowering the home with dark magnetism

Few can resist the charismatic pull of darkness. This moody colour scheme is a forever trend that fills an interior with drama and intrigue, drawing guests deeper and deeper into its mysterious charm.  From decadent kitchens to atmospheric living rooms, homeowners are no longer…

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Kick off 2019 by refusing to be boring

Explosions of bold colour and radiant metallic accents are sweeping across interiors of 2018 and will continue to do so well into 2019.  Inspired by the extravagant taste of baroque style, this trend is part of a winning effort to leave boring interiors in…