5 Ways to Empower Your Home With Pink Accents

In honour of breast cancer awareness month, we’re thinking pink and fully embracing the power of this sexy and sophisticated colour. This versatile colour uplifts your interior with a sense of romance, fun, and wonder. From soft pastels and pale pinks to energetic corals and rich darker pinks – pink is guaranteed to invigorate your living space. 5) Pink Power Pink is powerful. You can use it to create a dramatic statement in your living space. Start off with a bold pink accent wall and then partner it with a... Read More


Japandi, the best of both worlds

A celebration of two cultures in one serene style East meets West in this hybrid style of traditional Japanese minimalism and the warming comfort of modern Scandinavian design. Japandi is centred on simplicity and functionality, both being the core elements of Japanese and Scandinavian styles. The Japandi aesthetic balances the soft and peaceful nature of Scandi with the polished richness of Japanese palettes. While Japanese interiors can look overly sleek, the rustic details in Nordic design add variance. Where Scandinavian interiors can appear so clean they appear almost clinical, the... Read More


Eclectic Style: the interior unique to you

Eclectic style is different from most styles, in fact, it’s more of a whimsical mixture of styles. This striking aesthetic takes your favourite materials, patterns, textures, and even time periods and blends them together to perfection, it’s like an interior design smoothie. However, the best part about this look is that it’s entirely unique to you. While on the surface, it may seem like this look is “anything goes”, it’s anything but that. A well designed eclectic interior maintains consistency and should be viewed as collected rather than busy. It... Read More


Perfecting the eclectic look

What eclectic style is – and isn’t Eclectic style is characterized by a whimsical mixture of styles, materials, time periods. It’s a unique aesthetic – in that it’s entirely unique to the individual. However, despite this, there are still ground rules to follow to keep the look in vogue.  It may seem random, however, it’s anything but “anything goes”. A well designed eclectic interior maintains consistency and should be viewed as collected rather than busy. An eclectic room must look, and be, well thought out and styled with purpose. Here’s... Read More


Mother nature, the modern style icon

In an increasingly tech-driven world that’s getting smaller and smaller, the home can be a welcome escape. Reconnect with nature in the most glamorous way possible with the earthen luxe design trend. This minimalist look allows an escape from our overly tech-reliant and urbanised world. Bringing us back to our roots with an abundance of raw materials, it adds a spirit-lifting feel to the home.  With the luxe touches of mid-century modern design alongside brass or gold accents – this look proves the home can feel down to earth yet... Read More