A new range of French Bauhaus style bistro chairs…

Taking it back to the old school Remember the old days, big leather satchels, knee high socks, kicker boots and those wooden metal framed school chairs?..who’d have thought 20 years later we’d been hunting all these things down again as the un-cool becomes the uber-cool! We are introducing a new range of French Bauhaus style vintage chairs to out our ever growing collection. Reminding us of scribbling who we loved (that week) on our desks in tip ex..ahh..those were the days! Originally designed in 1931 by Bruno Pollock, using tubular... Read More

Simply Swivel

How great do these swivel stools look in this clean minimal environment? We are loving the factory-chic look of these stools that could mix well with either an urban or country setting for that real inspired industrial feel. Once the seating for laboratories, factories and schools, the adjustable, metal swivel stool is now a stylish seating option for many homes, restaurants and bars. The Swivel stools are made of durable steel metal and their timeless design will never go out of fashion. The adjustable screw stool height also means that... Read More