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We are committed to offering amazing furniture, accessible to everyone, and this includes sustainably conscious products that consider the planet. We have a number of environmental and community driven initiatives that pave the way for a more conscious and responsible online shopping approach.

Sustainable Materials

Sustainable materials not only include recyclable velvets and cardboard packaging. There are conscious decisions you can make such as investing in more durable and sustainably made materials.

Many woods are long lasting and eco-friendly including mango wood, which is quicker to grow than many other woods. Solid woods like oak, beech and ash are highly durable meaning they’re going to last a long time in your home. Other similar materials such as rattan, cane and cord have an extremely sustainable process. They are fast growing, taking just 20-30 years to grow - this is a fraction of the time that other types of wood grow. The process of producing rattan, cane and cord is also extremely eco-friendly. Rattan, for example, is dried out in the sun and 100% biodegradable.

Solid Wood

Built to last, Solid Wood is a renewable material and 100% biodegradable. It’s also simple to reuse and recycle, extending the life of your product.



Fast-growing and strong, Mango Wood can reach maturity in a mere 15 years. It is also a highly durable hardwood with longevity meaning less waste for the landfills. Like Solid Woods, it is 100% biodegradable.


Sustainable Velvet

This fabric is made from 100% recycled PET Yarns using particles of used plastics melted down into a reusable luxurious fabric. The high quality of our Sustainable Velvet range also means it’s durable and has that rich depth of colour associated with velvet.


Rattan, Bamboo, Cord & Cane

All these materials are fully natural so actively purchasing these products reduces your carbon footprint. Highly durable and weather-resistant materials, they can be repaired easily. There are no toxic elements involved in the process of making this type of furniture.



The minute you place your order, we’re taking measures to ensure minimum waste and only necessary packaging. You may think some packages seem larger than they need to be when you receive them, but this means we have considered the balance of using less packaging but also ensuring that your product arrives in perfect condition and ultimately creating less impact to our environment with damaged products having to go to landfill.

Discover the Eco Edit range

With environmentally-friendly natural materials such as bamboo and rattan, luxurious recycled velvet, and sustainable wood options, our Eco Collection is continually growing to offer you conscious designs sourced by our Buying Team.

British Heart Foundation

Someone’s trash is another person’s treasure. Our initiative with the British Heart Foundation gives your unwanted furniture another life. Have your pre-loved furniture collected by BHF when purchasing new pieces with Cult. All proceeds of your pre-loved furniture goes to the British Heart Foundation, and you’re also reducing needless waste.


Did you know?

Recycled and eco-friendly materials are designed to last with the same craftsmanship and certified processes to ensure premium quality with longevity in mind.

Shopping our Clearance Outlet is an eco-conscious decision. Our Outlet contains products that may not be brand new but have very minimal blemishes, helping to reduce landfill waste and you get a bargain too.

In an average month, our warehouse uses 7.2 tons of recycled cardboard, which is then shredded to be used as packing material to further extend its usage.

Going forward...

By introducing a clear set of objectives that aims to create more circular processes within Cult, we can begin to make considered decisions to have a positive impact on the world. By no means are we perfect, but we’re committed to offering sustainable furniture options to reduce our carbon footprint, and we intend to develop more initiatives in the future. Follow our eco journey on our socials including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram where we’ll be sharing new projects and updates on existing sustainable enterprises.